Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ripped off!

So it has happened again. Some band has had a huge hit only to be sued by another artist for ripping off their music. U was completely pissed off when all the Led Zepplin stuff hit the web a few years ago.
Now you have Cold Play with their huge hit LaVida... which apparentlyy has its entire chord progression stolen from guitar wizard Joe Satriani. Watch the video by a studio engineer/muscian as he breaks down the music theory.
I will also throw in a linktto the Zepplin hi jinks.

The Satriani vs Cold Play case is awaiting a court date. Zepplin over the years has either settled out of court for undisclosed amounts and/or added writting credits to the catalog thus giving the original artist residule writing monies.
Satriani vs Cold Play
Compare the original song to the Zep hit.