Friday, October 24, 2008

Cards any one?

So in my job as a Community Liaison I WORK AS A GO BETWEEN THE Police Department and the community, representing the police at civic meetings, giving crime prevention seminars , setting up Neighborhood Watch programs and a plethora of other Community Policing agendas.
Last week I was attending training for a new Neighborhood Watch module, “Pandemic and Terrorism Preparedness”. It was a very cool training, no sleeping during the lectures here. Let us just say for a child of the second half of the cold war and one who also lived on Andrews A.F.B. for the majority of my teen years. So nuclear war was something I was fairly well versed in. A fellow Guy from the Car, Steve, once had a book from a class he took in college that listed all the potential targets in the Washington D.C. area…. There was no safe place to go within 100 miles. Therefore, I was really into the portion of the training that dealt with Domestic Nuclear Terrorism.
The trainer gave out a cool set of playing cars. These cards are just like the armed forces have been using for ages. During WW II sailors had playing cards with the siluettes of Axis ships on them; during the cold war NATO troops were issued playing cards with silhouettes of Soviet aircraft or armor depending on their deployment. These cards are printed with all the facts a first responder needs to know during a domestic nuclear incident. The thought behind all of these cars is the more you see the information the easier to remember it. Even though you might be playing Texas Hold’em with the cards but your subconscious mind is still reading and processing the information on the cars.
I thought the cards were very cool and thought I would share a few with you. Enjoy the images. I can post more upon request. You can find information on these cards and other Domestic Nuclear Incident facts at:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Watch the COnservatives jump ship!

A Stake thru the Heart of McCain….
WOW! General Powell jumped ship and endorsed Obama. I can say that I was truly surprised by this. He had to change parties to do so, this after having contributed the max allowable for an individual to McCain earlier this year.
In his statement he said McCain’s take on the financial crisis was na├»ve” and that “running mate Sarah Pallin was not ready to serve as President” and “the republican party has demonized Muslims.”, even though hundreds of Muslim Americans are serving in Americas armed forces”. Powell states that he is not looking for a cabinet position or any position within the Obama administration. Personally, I believe he would make one hell of a Secretary of Defense. However, after being lied to by the Bush administration and being used as an unwitting accomplice to one of the biggest lies ever told to the American people he might want to sit this one out. If it was me, I would want to clear my reputation and get back in the good eyes of Americans by being a vacillator of change.

Oh yeah, does anyone remember what McCain’s campaign slogan was before he also embraced “change”?

…….”country First…….