Monday, November 10, 2008

Dancing in the Streets.....

Dancing in the Streets…

Well it is finally over. America has a President Elect, Bark Obama!
I have to admit that I was moved to tears when I saw the people taking to the streets. No riots, no fighting or looting, just Americans of ALL persuasion rejoicing. It looked like Berlin when the wall came down, albeit on a smaller scale. BBC America showed people all over the world dancing in the streets. I truly felt and still do that we are going to see America take back its place in the world that it has lost over the last 8 years. Hell, maybe we will even see the policies of “Corporate Socialism” that has become the norm since the inception of “trickle down economics” and deregulation. It seems to me that the Republican Party has lost its identity. The last 8 years surely did not get smaller government or fiscal conservatism. When Clinton left office, we had a federal surplice now another digit was recentley added to the debt clock.

I truly felt sorry for McCain, even I with my limited vision could see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice, and He knew it was over on Friday before the election. In my opinion, there were three things that lost the election for the GOP, Sarah Pallin; when the nominee for veer is kept away from the mainstream media for 90% of the time up to the election, second, the fact the Republicans kept McCain as far away from their own sitting Presidents endorecement. Finally, McCain’s own words came back to haunt him. I do not remember exactly what he said but it was something like “the American economy is as strong as ever”.

I really feel for the “dyed in the wool”, so-called “Joe six packs” that were shocked that Obama was elected, with such a huge majority in both electoral and popular votes.
Not to mention how fast it happened, I was shocked to see all the new blue states like Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

But what even the Dems need to remember is that he is only 1 man, true change is means that all Americans need to make a Para dyne shift, we need to think more like early Americans; that All men were created equal, the government has no rights to what you do in your bed room, marriage is determined by the church not the congress and finally religion has no place in government otherwise, we are no better than the Tall ban or AL Qquieda. A religious fanatnic is still a fanatic, whether he be Christian, Muslim or Jew.
That is all I have to say about that…