Saturday, July 12, 2008

May theBest Person Win.... Not!

I have concluded that the election process in the U.S> is simply F (*&^percentage. Can we make it anymore convoluted? First, we have the nomination process where members of the same party sling mud at each other, calling each other idiots. In this “contest” each of the “alleged” next leaders of the “free world go around the country wooing sp called “delegates” and “super delegates”. Each of these people is supposed to support whomever the popular vote has picked. If this works as planned, the nominee will get a point (). Of course those special people that are “super delegates” can throw a wrench into the whole works by ignoring Joe America’s vote and vote for anyone they want….all nice and legal.
Therefore, in other words the “alleged” new leaders of the “free” world go to each state, hundreds of small towns and villages and spend millions of dollars. Pumping up the local economy and make tons of promises that they are better and different from their opponents and definitely different and better than the person sitting in Captain Kirks chair now is.
Therefore, who ever spend the most cash will most likely “win” the nomination. As just happened with Obama and Hillerah.
I have a better way to “win” the nomination….
…..Cage matches Mixed Martial Arts. Make it a pay per view on cable, hell, it would be the highest grossing PPV ever. Hulk Hogan could host, John Stewart could do color commentary and Mr. No Spin Zone could do ringside interviews with the candidates.
Three, 5-minute rounds, caches the attention of the TV generation. If there is a draw then the fall back is the American Idol way of choosing. Hell, AI gets more votes in a single episode then people have voted in the last four presidential elections. I can hear it now…. All the tapping iPhones and clicking blackberries. Ryan Seaccrest could announce the winner… after a commercial vreak of course, and a long montage of all the news and talk shows leading up to the match.


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Your blog sucks...long live your blog.