Friday, October 17, 2008

The American Dream

So it’s been awhile…..

“So what, big deal”

Let’s just say that I am fed up with the Mississippi mud slinging going on in the Presidential; Elections.

Also dome with the “Global financial crisis” as the evening news keeps calling the mess that greedy CEO’s in the world have wrought. I guess a capitalist is a capitalist whether he is in America, Singapore, Moscow or China….

… It is all about the mighty dollar….

Sometimes I wonder what life would be if the Colonies had not won the revolutionary war. Would America be war torn like Ireland, or would America be like Singapore, full of diversity of peoples all with a British accent?

What if the Axis (the real one (had won WWII? What if Germany had developed the A-Bomb before Hitler over extended his war machine? Of course he (Hitler) would have eventually turned his A-Bombs onto his Axis allies.

Would we all be driving Volkswagens’ and BMW’s and drinking Becks October Fest beers…? Oh yeah, we already do so.

I guess I am a little disillusioned with the “American Dream”. We are bogged down in an occupational war, our economy is in the tanks (don’t worry it’s only a paper loss), the 2 men running for President have no clue how to facilitate change. The American auto makers are all going bankrupt while Toyota is the #1 car maker. Even New Balance shoes are no longer made in America.

I sometimes wish I lived in the 1950’s, probably the decade in which America was the most powerful nation in the world. America was respected, revered and envied. The American Dream meant something. Everyone, from the youngest 1st grader learning the “Pledge of Allegiance” to the oldest Veteran bled Red, White and Blue.

People still claim its so, I personally don’t believe so.

If so, the memorial for the attacks of 9-11 would still not be a hole at ground zero, not be tied up in bureaucratic bullshit on whose design was best …. Just pick one and build it. It is a memorial for the god’s sake. I wager that the memorial at ground zero will not build for at least 10 years. That’s showing them.

How long did the Stars and Stripes fly everywhere…? Let’s see. The one you bought for $5 at 7-11 for your cars antenna is long gone, local governments passed laws making it a crime from displaying the flags from hiway overpasses… it was an eye sore when the flags faded and started to rot. Where were the vaunted Boy Scouts at this time? (Lobbying congress for money, when they clearly a religious organanization*but that is for another time*). Where was Joe six –pa?

Ck that strung up in the first place…. Watching TV (guess the baseball game was more important than giving the flag the respect it deserves.

What about Osama Bib Ladin, I guess Saddam was an easier target.

…..I am done……this is making me angry.

See all you “Mavericks” later.


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Jeff said...

Spoken like a true bitter cynical tree-hugger.